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• WWII era US Army training courses are going to be offered at the Michigan Technical & Historical Society (MTHS) Museum in Eastpointe, Michigan.

• Course subjects will be specific to Second World War US Army, but may include material relative to other US Armed Services of the era.

Course participants are requested to attend in period US Army uniform; Class ‘B’ Uniform preferred unless otherwise specified by the instructor.

This is an opportunity for reenactors of like mind to gather in the "off season" to learn from each other with the expressed purpose of enriching the knowledge and scope of our local historical reenactment/living history community.

Upcoming Classes:

December 7: WWII Re-enactors Workshop; INF101 Special Topic; Military Vehicles. 1000-1500 pre-registration required.

January 11:  WWII Re-enactors Workshop; INF003   Roughing it; Life in the Field. 1000-1500 pre-registration required.

February 1: WWII Re-enactors Workshop; INF102 Special Topic; WWII female impressions. 1000-1500 pre-registration required.

March 1: WWII Re-enactors Workshop; INF004 Open Fire; Military Weapons. 1000-1500 pre-registration required.

May 30 - June 1: Training Weekend. Stay tuned!

For information regarding courses, please contact the Museum at classes@mimths.org