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Volunteer Opportunities

The Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society Museum is looking for volunteers! Opportunities exist at all levels, including short-term opportunities, perfect for a student in need of a few hours for class requirements;


The following needs can be filled with a few hours per month and require little, if any training:


Special event help: During special events there is often a need for volunteers to staff the museum café, gift shop, and work the exhibit floor. Please contact the museum for a list of dates and needs.


Greeter; We need to have someone to sit in the ticket window, greet guests and alert a docent of the arrivals; Great job for someone who wants to catch up on some reading


Basic upkeep: We need people to help with cleaning, fingerprint abatement, garden work (seasonal) and other less than glamorous, yet very important activities


Small organizational projects: We often have small projects that require no special training, please contact the museum in advance.


Light construction: We sometimes have light construction projects usually in conjunction with and exhibit changeover; please contact the museum in advance.

Scanning and transcribing letters: The Museum has many collections of letters that need to be scanned and then transcribed so that they can be easily assessable. 


If you are willing to be more involved and take time to be trained on some museum software…


Cataloging and Accessioning: One area of the museum that is never short on the need for help is the cataloging and accessioning of every item that comes into the museum. These items have to be sorted, identified, photographed, cleaned, tagged and input into the system. Volunteers in this area will require a few hours of training on the process, should be detail oriented and have basic computer skills. Background knowledge of military items would be helpful, but is not a requirement as long as you are willing to use the research materials we have on hand. We have found that this is a great area for a two person team to work together.


Docent (Museum Guides): We also have a need for and offer a docent training program for people interested in becoming museum guides.



Please contact the museum if you are interested

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